This summer, Sherrie Silver and Florence Silver joined our team in Rwanda to hold a large open air workshop in Nyamirambo, where the locals had fun dancing, while receiving free mosquito nets, food and health insurance! Mosquito nets are extremely important as they can protect many lives from the deadly malaria disease. 

Health insurance was paid through Rwanda’s health insurance system ‘Mutuelle de Santé’ which allows the poor to receive medical treatment for a year for under £10. As we know, many people lose their lives around the world, simply because they cannot afford to see a doctor. This means that multitudes of locals will get to go a year without having to worry about their medical bills! They can then focus the little money they have to spend on other things such as school.

Why This Area
Nyamirambo is known for it’s high number of street children, prostitutes, and unemployment. Therefore a simple mosquito net and decent lunch is something that many in Nyamirambo struggle to afford. Almost one million people died in Rwanda during the genocide and it left many people orphaned or impoverished. Nyamirambo was heavily effected by this. 

Malaria In Rwanda: The Facts

  • Malaria is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in Rwanda, responsible for up to 50% of all outpatient visits.
  •  In 2005, Rwanda reported 991,612 malaria cases.
  • In 2006, malaria was responsible for 41% of hospital deaths, of which 42% were children under five.
  • One child dies of malaria every 30 seconds (worldwide), (

Our Previous Mosquito Nets and Blankets Distribution in Uganda

Hundred's of People in Nyamirambo Receive Health Insurance and Mosquito Nets In Rwanda

 During our charity trip to Rwanda in September, hundreds of people turned up to receive health care insurance and mosquito nets. Thanks to your donations, we covered 200 people but so many more are still in need. The price of mosquito nets in Rwanda is currently £9.50 so many people cannot afford them. We aim to cover more people so please give generously.