It is something which often takes place in their own homes and in front of their children, who themselves are vulnerable to exploitation and abuse


  • We are aiming to set up a clothing shop with a complementing workroom in Nyamirambo.
  • We are planning to provide an electric sewing machine to each lady enrolled on our programme along with the necessary training on how to operate the machines.
  • There will be a training programme of 6 months where they will each learn how to make school uniforms for children and traditional African clothing. This will include items such as bitengi, dresses and headscarves.
  • The local government of Nyamirambo are also supporting this project.

Once the business has been established properly, we are hoping that each lady will be able to make 4 uniforms along with 3 African outfits per month. As a result, this business is aiming to pay each woman £138 ($170) per month. This would be enough to cover their food, rent, healthcare and education expenses for them and their families.

  • This amount of income is also above the Rwandan poverty line of £128 ($160)/ month. It must be noted that less than 50% of employees in Rwanda earn above the poverty line.
  • This is a very positive contrast to the 80p ($1) per visit within the career path of prostitution in the local community.

We have recently taken some time to explain the aims and benefits of this project to the ladies. We are pleased to mention that 41 of them have signed up to participate. They are all aged between 20 to 40 and are mostly single mothers. These hopeful ladies are now part of our church community and are being provided with the necessary emotional and spiritual support. This is to nurture them from the previous trauma of being involved in prostitution within the local community. Many ladies participate in this within their own homes, and this also makes their children vulnerable to all types of abuse. Among these ladies, there are around 100 children who will gain a much healthier environment and future if their mothers can break free from such a detrimental career. It is sad to mention that many of these ladies are also HIV positive and we would like to prevent the spread of this disease. At the moment, we are trying to raise money to fund £18,336 ($25,000) to set up the necessary project costs. The majority of these funds will be spent on purchasing new sewing machines. It will also provide enough capital to cover the first 3 months of overhead costs before we initiate clothing sales. 

We would like to remind everyone that we cannot do this alone! Please join us on this journey in helping us bring life to this community of wonderful, strong and brave ladies. They are seeking for a better life for themselves and their children. 

We would like to thank you for taking the time to learn about this project. It would be greatly appreciated if you could make a donation by clicking below.

As the Wall Rebuilders, we are currently working on an enterprising project for the community of Nyamirambo in Rwanda. This is aimed to provide immense support to the current state of the community. We are aiming to diminish the high rates of prostitution in the area by providing an alternative career path for the people. 

We are going to teach the people how to make and sell clothing items!

This would provide a better route for many than to continuously experience the trauma behind prostitution. Many ladies are forced into such a degrading job as they feel there is no other option. Such a project would encourage a safer environment for them and their families while improving their self-esteem along with their financial stability. It would also prevent the spreading of HIV.​ At the moment, we are delighted to announce that we have purchased 21 sewing machines!