Florence Silver

​The Founder

Florence is the founder of the Wall Rebuilders. She is also an active church Apostle, and began serving God at the age of 10. Her hometown was originally in Rwanda. There are many breathtaking testimonies on what God has done in her life. She had lost her family in Rwanda and became a young widow at the age of 18. She was also expecting a child soon around this time, and while she was 8 months pregnant, she miraculously managed to survive the harsh environment.  

By the grace of God, she was able to raise up her daughter Sherrie Silver into rising stardom. Florence soon developed a burden where she felt the need to help restore those with a broken heart. As a result, she has reached out to many struggling individuals in Africa. She provides them with both the necessary spiritual and emotional support through their hardships. She also enjoys providing the fundamental resources to sustain and improve their living standards. 

CONTACT address

The TRUSTEES of the wall rebuilders

Mike Burgess


​Mike is the secretary of the Wall Rebuilders. He is the founder and head pastor of Holy Nation Church. Mike had established a prison outreach ministry in both the Brixton and Wandsworth prisons. He is also very active in providing support to homeless individuals around the London area. He has also led missionaries and ministry teams abroad for the sharing of the gospel. 

Wall Rebuilders

PO Box 4215 Victoria London SW1E 5XH United Kingdom


Phone:  +442036083044

E-mail: info@wallrebuilders.org


Jonathon Wardell

Project ​Support Officer

Jonathon is well trained civil engineer with 20 years of experience in this field. Later on, he became a qualified teacher for further education and taught for 15 years. He has a desire to be constantly involved in church planting. He also actively supports our missionary projects in Kenya. 

Sherrie Silver


Sherrie Silver is a dance choreographer and creative director with a passion to empower and aid the youth in discovering their full potential. She spends a lot of time in Africa setting up and maintaining out projects.