Our Vision

Our church planting has reaped many positive benefits. 

  • We have been able to bring restoration to different communities.
  • Harmony is created during continuous fellowship.
  • ​Individuals are able to have a place to worship freely. 
  • Individuals are able to receive the necessary counselling needed to bring emotional healing. 
  • The church planting has offered great spiritual support along with the necessary resource distributions.  ​

Our vision is to restore the broken hearted, we do this by contributing towards the healing and reconciliation within communities that have been affected by war and genocide. We also invest in societies that suffer as a result of famine, floods and other such wide-reaching atrocities, especially where there are barriers within those communities that are preventing restoration such as tribal disputes. We do this through projects that use christian principals of love, care and unity and peace to bring healing.

As the Wall Rebuilders, we have a progressive attitude in helping individuals. 

  • We have set set up a 'Sewing Machine Project' for the development of the ladies
  • Housing homeless children in Rwanda 
  • Fundamental needs for underprivileged families will be provided. 
  • We are aiming to provide extensive support and encouragement to the local communities. This is done via essential training programmes with the necessary resources to setup sustainable businesses. 
  • Health insurance would be paid for individuals who match the underprivileged criteria.
  • School fees will be met for some children
  • The 'Mosquito Net and Blanket Campaign' will be available. ​





Wall rebuilders is excited to announce that thanks to your help, we have managed to purchase 15 sewing machines in the attempt to give the brave women from troubled backgrounds under our care a new direction and way to earn money.

Each sewing machine costs around £100 (approx $125). Click here to find out how you could help